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Throughout the last years of experience in Georgia, we have achieved that hundreds of parents fulfill their dream with all the guarantees.

GeorgianSurrogates has a specialized team dedicated to making sure that your surrogacy process in Georgia is carried out with all the medical and legal guarantees.

Currently, we work closely with the Zhordania Clinic in Tbilisi, which is one of the specialized centers in fertility and surrogacy, with many years of experience. This centre has the most advanced technical and human resources, including a maternity department with all the necessary means for premature birth.

Why GeorgianSurrogates?

Georgia as a destination

With legal certainty and excellent fertility clinics
In recent years, Georgia has become one of the preferred destinations for surrogacy, thanks to its excellent fertility clinics and complete legal security.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the city with most of the country’s fertility clinics, the most important maternity hospitals and numerous medical centres.

On the other hand, Tbilisi is the city where all the necessary steps will be taken for your baby to be registered and get his passport or travel document.

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Leading medical team in Zhordania clinic

Surrogate mothers

Our surrogates pass the strictest medical tests
The requirements for our surrogate mothers are as follows:
In all programs the direct relationship between the intended parents and the surrogate mother is allowed.

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