Georgia, an increasingly popular option

Surrogacy is allowed and regulated

Surrogacy is allowed and regulated in Georgia. The rules concerning surrogacy and assisted reproductive techniques (ART) are described in Articles 141, 143 and 144 of the Georgian Law on Healthcare. Only those heterosexual couples will be able to access surrogacy services.
Georgian legislation determines that the parents who participate in a surrogacy process will be the only legal parents over the newborn. In Georgia it is not necessary for the surrogate mother to give up the rights over the baby.
The baby’s birth certificate will not include the surrogate mother’s details or mention that the birth was the result of a surrogacy process.

Joint Agreement

Between the surrogate and the intended parents
Joint agreements between Intended Parents and Surrogate Mother will be signed before a notary.

Great fertility clinics

Experts such as Professor LosebZhordania have actively contributed to understanding the causes of infertility and fighting it with the best treatments. In 1958, losebZhordania founded the Institute for Scientific Research on Human Reproduction, being the first institution worldwide to work on reproductive health.

In Georgia, the most important fertility clinics are departments of private hospitals that also include maternity services, this being the case of the Zhordania clinic.

On the other hand, the maternity department is equipped with all the necessary resources in case of complications or premature birth of the baby. The cost of the incubator is included in our guaranteed program.

Clinic Zhordania in Tbilisi

One of the main fertility centres in Georgia
The clinic Zhordania has over 40 years of experience in combating infertility using the most innovative treatments. More information...

Tbilisi, a city to visit

Tbilisi is a historic and attractive city, as well as very safe. Among the most surprising things are the many restaurants that are open 24 hours a day. The currency is the Georgian Lari, but fortunately there are many currency exchange offices throughout the city.
Throughout your different stays in Tbilisi, our parents will be completely taken care of by our team. We have 24 hour emergency attention or throughout the day for any consultation or unforeseen event that may arise.
In Tbilisi we can find among the most relevant places to visit: The Clock Tower, Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue, the Opera House, the National Museum or the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. More information in Expert Guides Georgia.
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